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Ty Hurley

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I have a full driving license

I am into my 7th year initially starting in 2015 as a Supporting Artist/Lifestyle Mature Model young looking 55 (playing age between 45 - 55) DOB : 29/07/1966. I did some SA work in 1992 in London's Burning, The Bill. Normally get typecast as a Police Officer/CID standing at 5'11 with grey hair and blue eyes no tattoos or piercings.  I look good in a uniform and I have also played Riot Police, Armed Police, MET Police, Commissioner, High Ranking Officer, Military Police, Constable, Chief Superintendent, Forensic Police, Army Soldier, amongst other roles.  I have an extensive TV & FILM CV (can send if required) I have had no official training for these roles as you probably know).  I was on REELCOPS books back in 2015 and worked for various agencies as Police ( I do like this role). I am very reliable and committed to SA and work full time.  Confident driving on set (all vehicles) few times on Eastenders and films, wheel spinning blues and twos, holding a firearm (again no official training so hopefully do that with you funds permitting)\n\nA little background history on me. Born in Greenwich. I am a professional Glass Cutter/Glazier for 28 years by trade.  A Corporate Receptionist for 14 years working for Cancer Research UK in London, The British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge and a The University of Cambridge. While working 7 years at The British Antarctic Survey I lived and worked at Halley Bay on The Brunt Ice Shelf for 4 months.  Sailed on the RRS Ernest Shackleton for 2 weeks got caught in a hurricane for 4 days, co - piloted a Highlander Twin Otter plane over the Brunt Ice Shelf (no pilot's licence) climbed down a rope ladder from an army helicopter at Volunteer Point in the Falklands on my way home, then through South America to the UK. Two Tandem Parachute Jumps, 3 Static Line Jumps, abseiling, bungee jumping, swimming (not a strong swimmer) tennis, Badminton, Cycling, Gym fitness training.  My knees are not fantastic but fairly fit at the age of 55. Some dialogue (recent work as a regular Policeman last year on Grantchester with Robson Green, I am not good with script the odd line I am OK with but never been to drama school (few credits) No show reel yet but looking into it this year. Accent: Londoner,/Cockney/Essex. I am double vaccinated and had the booster in December 2021.  No certificate because I still can't get registered with a doctor for 18 months living here in Braintree.  I can log into the NHS App and get info from ( I have screenshots of my results) there but because my last doctor was in North London it's just complicated and frustrating. I have an up to date passport.

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