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Army Soldiers

Tactical Firearms Training for Film & TV

We train Supporting Artists in the use of firearms for the TV & film industry


Hi, my name's John Dewhirst and I served for 30 years in the Police prior to retiring in 2019.

I have served in the Metropolitan Police, West Yorkshire Police and finally Northumbria Police, where I served 19 years in the Firearms  Support Unit. 

Whilst on the FSU I was posted on the Armed Response Vehicles (ARV) as well as being trained as a rifle officer, intermediate rifle officer. 17 years were as an Operational Firearms Commander (OFC). 

I am one of the Lead Firearms Instructors and Advisors for Polease & Uniform Supporting Artists and relish the opportunity to use my experience and skills to teach Supporting Artists as well as other interested parties in weapons handling and tactics employed by UK Police forces in armed operations. 

Those who have attended our courses have increased confidence around firearms as well as enjoying the reputation that Polease Costumiers and Uniform Supporting Artists have built up over the years and continually strive to provide the most comprehensively trained staff within the TV and film industry.


To fullfil this, your training will cover Safe basic weapons handling and standard operating procedures, method of carriage, mode of arming and equipment all the way to tactics for foot, vehicle and building options as well as Active shooter and Terrorist attacks.

Handgun and  Ammunition

Obviously the tactics are generic and don’t include specialist information for obvious reasons, but will allow you to conduct yourselves as close to serving ARV crews as possible to enhance the level of safety, realism and professionalism you can provide on set. 


I look forward to meeting you and debunking the myths around Armed Policing and making your learning as interesting and relevant to your role and above all as safe as possible. And obviously fun!


Look forward to meeting you at our next training course or on set.

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